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Roll-o-Matic is the market leader in manufacturing roll-bag machines and winders for industrial film. The company was established in Denmark in 1967, and its name has been associated with high-quality, innovation and pioneering ever since. 


Roll-o-Matic makes easy-to-operate, high-quality equipment built to last for decades. We have an installed base of several thousand roll-bag lines in more than 60 countries and a staff of highly skilled service technicians travelling all over the world.


The equipment enables competitive production of a variety of plastic bags on rolls: bottom-sealed, side-sealed, star-sealed, wave-top, T-shirt, star-sealed T-shirt and draw tape bags.


Modular Concept

Modular concept.PNG

The main concept of Roll-o-Matic is the modular construction of the equipment, which makes it possible to put together a production line that meets precisely your production requirements.


  The equipment enables competitive production of a variety of plastic bags on rolls and offers a high degree of flexibility: By adding or exchanging modules, you can produce other types and sizes of bags and be consistent with the constant changes on market requirements.

Some advantages of choosing a Roll-o-Matic production line


State-of-the-art equipment

High productivity

High degree of automation

Low maintenance costs

Low energy consumption

Minimal waste of material

High-quality of end product

High degree of flexibility

Possibility of producing with recycled material, bio or compostable film

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